Chapter 11 - Exercise 4

(3) Create a generator class that produces character names (as String objects) from your favorite movie (you can use Snow White or Star Wars as a fallback) each time you call next( ), and loops around to the beginning of the character list when it runs out of names. Use this generator to fill an array, an ArrayList, a LinkedList, a HashSet, a LinkedHashSet, and a TreeSet, then print each container.

package com.ciaoshen.thinkinjava.chapter11;
import java.util.*;

public class Exercise4 {
    public static interface Generator<T> {
        public T next();
    public static class FilmGenerator implements Generator<String> {
        private static final String[] FILMNAME={"肖申克的救赎", "这个杀手不太冷", "阿甘正传", "霸王别姬", "美丽人生",
            "千与千寻", "辛德勒的名单", "海上钢琴师", "机器人总动员", "盗梦空间", "泰坦尼克号",
            "三傻大闹宝莱坞", "放牛班的春天", "忠犬八公的故事", "大话西游", "龙猫", "教父",
            "乱世佳人", "天堂电影院", "当幸福来敲门", "搏击俱乐部", "楚门的世界", "触不可及",
        private static final int LENGTH = FILMNAME.length;
        private static int count = 0;

        private final int id = ++count;
        private int cursor = 0;
        public String next() {
            if (cursor == LENGTH) {
                cursor =  0;
            return FILMNAME[cursor++];
    public static Generator<String> getFilmGenerator(){
        return new FilmGenerator();
    public static String[] getFilms(String[] array) {
        Generator<String> gen = getFilmGenerator();
        for (int i = 0; i < array.length; i++) {
            array[i] =;
        return array;
    public static Collection<String> getFilms(Collection<String> c, int filmNum) {
        Generator<String> gen = getFilmGenerator();
        for (int i = 0; i < filmNum; i++) {
        return c;

    public static void main(String[] args){
        int size = 10;
        //fil array
        System.out.println(">>>Array:  ");
        System.out.println(Arrays.toString(getFilms(new String[size])));
        //fil arraylist
        System.out.println(">>>ArrayList:  ");
        System.out.println(getFilms(new ArrayList(),size));
        //fil lindelist
        System.out.println(">>>LinkedList:  ");
        System.out.println(getFilms(new LinkedList(),size));
        //fil hashset
        System.out.println(">>>HashSet:  ");
        System.out.println(getFilms(new HashSet(),size));
        //fil linkedhashset
        System.out.println(">>>LinkedHashSet:  ");
        System.out.println(getFilms(new LinkedHashSet(),size));
        //fil treeset
        System.out.println(">>>TreeSet:  ");
        System.out.println(getFilms(new TreeSet(),size));

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