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Skilled Java Developer

Java Developer - Web Developer - Information Retrieval

Proficient in Java

Talk is cheap, show me the code!

Fundamental concepts of the Java language.

My solutions for all exercises of Thinking in Java

Data Structures & Algorithms

My LeetCode Solutions

All source code are available on Github

Java Web

 { Spring }     { Struts2 }     { Hibernate }     { MyBatis }     { Hadoop }   

I can grasp any one of them quickly, according to the needs of the project. I am also familiar with Network protocol and MySql.

Very interested in Front-End web development. I built my blog using  HTML5 ,  CSS3 ,  Javascript  and  JQuery , based on Jekyll scaffold and Bootstrap framework.

Master of Computer Science - University of Montreal

GPA 3.9

I have a formal background of Computer Science. And I am a quick learner.


I have also worked with Python, C++, PHP, MySql, Shell, etc.


Information Retrieval  /  NLP





Down Town, Montreal, CANADA


French, English, Chinese